Great time at N/O/D/E

Had a great time at N/O/D/E festival. The special edition of Open.Theremin went so well with the re-edition of the book. And Jimmy Virani, Coralie Ehinger, Greig Stewart (aka Theremin Hero) and Thierry Frenkel they all played the different open.theremins I brought and it was so nice. Thank you everyone. For videos see the community pages.

N/O/D/E Series

The design for the next batch of is ready. It will be a special edition for the N/O/D/E music festival in Lausanne. The design features Coralie Ehinger and Jimmy Virani, two creative theremin player. They wrote the "Manuel d'Initiation au Theremin" together with Thierry Frenkel. Design by Nicolas Perrin. The boards and parts are ordered and will be first available for the festival starting January 24th.

100 Open.Theremin.UNOs shipped

I am happy and proud to announce that I shipped the 100st Open.Theremin.UNO today. The global community is growing and many wonderful new theremins have been built. Thank you for all the positive feedback and your contributions. For now I am sold out with the second batch.  I am planing on producing a new batch (special NODE Festival Edition) of boards that will be ready by mid of January 2014.

Map of Open.Theremin.UNO shippings.

Arduino-ized Theremin

Michael Margolis, the author of the famous Arduino Cookbook took a closer look at the Open.Theremin.UNO. He writes: "it sounds and functions so much better than the mock theremins commonly built with various distance sensors. I will certainly be mentioning this in the next edition of the book." - WOOW. And he even took the oportunity to cleanup the code and simplify some of my raw AVR code using proper Arduino instructions. Now on GitHub. Thank you so much, Michael.



Musician and audio equipement designer Yasushi Yoshida built an amazing Open.Theremin. His built with a half-moon-shaped wood housing and titanium-based alloy antennas is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. He is working on many long awaited extensions to the theremin. See here and check out his blog AudioHologram.


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