Featured Builds

Today I uploaded many great Open.Theremin builds to the community part of the website. It's great to see the craft and creativity of all of you. I hope I got all the credits right. I also put some new videos you made on testing and playing the theremin here. By looking through the internet I found this thread on audiofanzine on the open theremin with lot's of nice pictures and comments - sympa!

Antenna Drawing

Back form holidays with new energy, I finally got to upload a nice technical drawing of a set of antennas suitable for the Open.Theremin. You can easily bend them by hand from a 6mm aluminium tubing. The OpenTheremin can be adjusted to different types of antennas in a big range. So this is just a suggestion and you are welcome to play with different designs or materials. Also in the git repository you now find the mechanical drawing and parts from the extensions kit. See here.

Finally, a Modern Theremin

Open.Theremin was featured on Hackaday. I am proud of the title you choose Mike Szczys and that you even like the quality of our documentation. Thank you. And the community is growing with many new theremins out in the world. After all the kit packing work I will now take some days of vacation in the Swiss mountains. And hopefully find some time to look more into 120 years of electronic music.


Open.Theremin featured on Arduino Blog

It was a big surprise for us to see the Open.Theremin featured on the official Arduino blog. The extra orders kept us busy the last days, testing circuits, laser cutting and packing bags. We are happy to announce that the backlog is cleared now. Looking forward to many new do-it-yourself open arduino theremins from our community. Thank you Zoe Romano for the great article.


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