OpenTheremin V4

In celebration of the 125 year anniversary of inventor Lev Sergeevich Theremin, we are happy to introduce the new OpenTheremin Version 4.

The redesign was realized in collaboration Danish designer Peter van der Beek. As a young and uprising designer Peter van der Beek, Design Academy Eindhoven, decisively shaped the fourth version of OpenThermein with courageous decisions. In the good tradition of Danish Design Peter relies on pure form-giving design, knowledge of materials and attention to details.

The new design features many improvements of the successful open source Theremin instrument, many of witch suggested by the growing community:

  • One circuit design with integration of the Arduino (still fully Arduino compatible)
  • Two control voltage outputs for pitch and volume with separate connector
  • Solid, full aluminum, custom made tripod adapter
  • Pre-assembled, threaded inserts for stable mounting of the antennas
  • State of the art USB-C connection, easy access side mounted connectors
  • Euro-rack compatible form factor with 4 screw holes
  • Further improved performance with built in voltage regulators and fully surface mount electronic design
  • Special feature: The touch button for mute and automatic calibration.
  • And of course: All software and electronic design truly open source on GitHub


Siurce files on GitHub here:


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