OpenTheremin V4 - Build Instructions

The OpenTheremin Version 4 is a Do It Yourself (DIY) theremin that is easy to build and gives you a lot of flexibility to adapt to your own needs and creativity.

All you need to build the newest version of the open source theremin  is a screw driver. The Arduino is now built into the design and while still fully compatible to re-program the theremin with the Arduino IDE, there is no more soldering required and the theremin board comes pre-programmed and ready to go.

A solid tripod stand made from milled solid aluminium with a standard 1/4" UNC thread ensures stable mounting on any commercial camera or smartphone stand.

The ingenious system of plug in turning knobs makes for a flush design with pre-mounted potentiometers on the back of the board. New inserts, pre-assembled in the pick-and-place process make mounting the antennas easy. The antenna connections are completely hidden behind the circuit board and give the OpenTheremin its uniquely simple appearance.

For full build instructions see here.