Open.Theremin now Certified Open Hardware

The Open.Theremin V3 is now official certified open source hardware according to Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) standards. You find the certification logo on every Open.Theremin PCB together with the unique identifier number (CH000001) that links you back to the documentation. Thank you for supporting open source hardware.

Control Voltage Output

I used the first days of the year 2017 to implement the control voltage output (CV) - an often requested feature. The Open.Theremin is a stand alone instrument that generates sounds in different waveforms when played. With the new software you can further expand the possibilities and use the theremin to control any sound synthesizer with an analogue control voltage input (CV). The instruction for CV is in the download section. The CV functionality will also be a topic at the Theremin Academy in Lausanne this February.

Biyi Amez successfully tested the new CV function.

Open.Theremin V3 now available

The new Open.Theremin Version 3 is here. The redesign of the popular theremin has a great auto-tuning and a mute function. A kit with the fully tested theremin shield is now available in the small batch store. Just add an arduino and a pair of antennas to it and you have a fully playable theremin instrument. And see here for the amazing intro video that Coralie Ehinger made.

Great Community Feedback

I am really happy that the new version 3 started so well. Javier wrote: "I was really surprised with the Open Theremin as it felt like playing the much more expensive Moog.". And then I got in contact with Andrei Demidenko, a professional musician, sound engineer and film maker. He is co-authour of a new documentary on Lev Sergeevich Termen toghether with his close friend Sergei Zorin that we hopefully can soon see in English. He made a nice case for the new theremin in Italian red wood. Andreis father, Nikolai Demidenko, a professional pianist, made a design available for everyone to build. Thank you for all the great feedback.

Open.Theremin.V3 Production

With some last modifications the final prototypes of the new Open.Theremin.V3 are working great. I started placing orders for the production now. If all goes well the first theremins should ship end of this month. I got many requests for the new version and I am really looking forward to get it out to you all.


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