Today is Arduino Day

We are joining the Arduino Day 2015 with a demonstration of the Open.Theremin in Switzerland. Here.

Online-Tool to generate Wave Tables

We are working on software right now. So here is an other tool for generating wave tables online. You can draw wave forms on your screen or have them generated by a built in function. Just copy and upload the wave table to your theremin and you are playing your own sound. Have fun. - Wave-Generator-

New thread on Theremin World

Happy to see a new thread discussing the Open.Theremin on Theremin World with new ideas and some very positive feedback. I like the idea of a tool to generate wave forms. Maybe an online tool to draw / load in audio samples or generate wave tables for the open theremin. Has anyone in the community developed such a thing or knows how to do it. I would be happy to help and publish it on the website.


Arduino script to generate wave tables

Thierry Frenkel, musician, “electronic luthier” and reputable expert for theremin instruments developed a clever script to generate wave tables for the open.theremin. The script can be run on the arduino and calculates the sound based on a mathematical model. Thank you Thierry for this great contribution. Get the code and a detailed description here.

Workshop at House of Electronic Arts

We built 16 open.theremin.rc at an amazing workshop in the HeK (House of electronic Arts Basel). Hek is the national competence centre that deals with art forms that address and reflect upon new media and technologies. All theremins worked and we had great fun.


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