Successful first Open.Theremin.UP Workshop

I think we can say that the first ever Open.Theremin.UP Workshop was a success. We were six people from student to dentist working concentrated in the MechArtLab in Zurich while the street parade was running. We were picking, placing and reflowing until many new theremins were born. At the end all theremins were sounding and we went for the after party.

See more pictures here.

Visit in Theremin Center Moscow

I just visited Andrei Smirnov from the Theremin Center in Moscow. He is a big theremin expert and has access to original instruments and lots of documents from Leon Theremin and friends. Andrei develops theremin sensors that can be read by USB and MAX/MSP. He holds workshops on touch less interaction installations. I got lot's of new inspiration for the theremin and related projects.

Open.Theremin.UP PCB on original Leon Theremin laborjournal :-P

First Post

Welcome to the Open.Theremin news blog. This is the first post. I just set up the content management system and I will now start to put in as much as I can about the project. As things evolve I will post news and thoughts here.


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