New Batch Open.Theremin.UNO

And of course I think, thanks to continued demand, on producing a new batch of theremin shields. For this run I decided to put a special graphics by Arseny Avraamov (1886-1944) on the backside of the shield. Then I made some minor corrections and I will soon release an improved software. This will also improve performance of first generation theremin.UNOs remarkably. Stay tuned.

First Batch of Open.Theremin.UNO sold out

This week the last theremin shield from the first Open.Theremin.UNO batch was shipped. The theremins went to United Kingdom (3), Austria (1), Germany (19), Iceland (1), India (1), Italy (2), Portugal (2), Russia (1), Switzerland (4), Slovenia (1), South Afrika (2), and United States (5). As the community is growing I get more pictures and feedback and keep improving. Thank you all.


Single board Open.Theremin.UP

Theremin community member Alexander completely redesigned the Open.Theremin.UP to make it single board. With high quality connectors it looks beautiful and plays well (see video). Appreciate his comment: "Thanks a lot for this site, you put up a lot of info, and it's really possible to understand how it works and build one!". That's what open projects are all about, thanks. See more...

UFO Wedding Cake with Open.Theremin.UNO

Artist and hacker Jesper built this amazing UFO Wedding Cake and connected an open.theremin.UNO to it to make it sound when you aproach it. Have never seen a that futuristic cake. All seem to have had much fun at the wedding and I wish you all the best. Check out the video:

Coralie Ehinger playing the Open.Theremin

After month of development I was very happy to hear Coralie Ehinger playing some nice sounds on the open.theremin.  Coralie is a Swiss theremin player and organizer of the first Swiss theremin festival N / O / D / E. She runs etheremin, a French theremin platform and gives lectures on the history and the art of playing the theremin at schools. She confirmed that the theremin is well playable and she was impressed by the good linearity. She also gave me inspiration and new ideas to implement.  See here.


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