Developping Open.Theremin.UNO

The developpement of the new Open Theremin as a shield for the arduino UNO is making good progress. A prototype of the new board including two sensor circuit and an all new 13 bit digital analog converter was just delivered today. It looks realy cool and I am looking forward to assembling it. -> Open.Theremin.UNO


Just updated some info on the website. There is a new and improved schematic (values of some resistors changed, see note section for details). Then I started the more detailed description of the UP circuit and added some measurements. Have fun.

Nice Werdenberg Theremin

The theremin installation and workshop on the castle Werdenberg were really nice and a big success. The dancer Laura Siegmund brought the tow big antennas to life in front of an astonished audience. Twelve people soldered a Open.Theremin.RC and Swiss television was also there.

New Wood Housing

Look at this gorgeous new wood housing for the open theremin. It looks and sounds so much nicer now... check out the making of in the hardware section.


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