Few Open.Theremin.UNO available

There are some Open.Theremin.UNO boards on stock again. You can order now in the small batch store - here. And as the lovely saying that Dieter has sent me:
There are two
kinds of fools. One says "It is old and therefore good."
And the other
says: "This is new and therefore better."


The PCB manufacturer in deed go confused by the glitch art on the new batch, asking me to confirm the design before manufacturing. With some delays also on the parts it will be end of the month for new theremins to be ready. Meanwhile I continued on the redesign project and uploaded some first designs. It should be called Open.Theremin.Y. Modifications still possible so don't hesitate to comment.

Happy to be back

Thank you for all your mails with comments, suggestions and requests. After an intensive time with the project I had to take a break. I guess some of you have taken the challenge to produce your own boards. Please send me pictures :-) If you want to sell boards please feel free to do so and I would also advertise for you on the website. With all your amazing feedback I am now motivated to continue. I will produce a next batch of boards with the help of some friends who set up a small production facility. To get the parts and the machines running will probably take a few weeks. I'll keep you up to date.

Glitch-Art by Antirender Lab

The orders for a new batch of Open.Theremin.UNO are placed. While still working on a redesign I decided to make a limited edition (45 boards) of the existing design featuring a special backside graphics. The design is a glitch art by the very talented young artist Antirender Lab from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am looking forward to this edition and hope that my PCB manufacturer will not be too confused...


Sold out in less than a month

The third batch of 60 Open.Theremin.UNO sold out in less than a month. Thank you for your interest in the project and have fun with all the new theremins. I ask my self on how to continue with the project at this moment. I am having a hard time to keep up with my desktop production. A redesign with some improvement, ideas from theremin world  discussions and simplifications would be possible. Friends are planing to set up an open circuit manufacturing fab where I could eventually do a next batch. And some time ago SparkFun expressed interest in producing and selling the open.theremin - ok with me - I have not heard back from them. I put up a blank page here for your comments and ideas. Meanwhile do it like Mark N. who produced these three theremins all by him self.



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