Thérémine PC Software

Be sure to give the Thérémine PC software a try. While the Open.Theremin.UNO can be played as stand alone instrument the Thérémine software allows you to connect your theremin to a computer via USB and largely extend the functionality. The Thérémine software was developed by Vincent Feuvrier and he is happy about any feedback. Post reviews, bug reports or feature requests directly on Sourceforge. more.

Open.Theremin.UNO shipping

Open.Theremin.UNO is back on stock with a batch of electronic boards produced on high-end manufacturing machines and fully tested. The new PCB artwork looks great and I am happy to be shipping again.

3D Printed Case

I just finished the design of a new case for the Open.Theremin.UNO. If you have a 3D printer your self or if you can access one in a FabLab near by, just print this nice case that exactly fits the theremin shield. Download the files from Thingiverse here.

New PCB artwork by Niklas Roy

A new batch of Open.Theremin.UNO is ready for production. All the components are here and we are just waiting for the circuit boards to arrive. The new printed circuit boards will feature a original design by artist Niklas Roy from Berlin. I am very much looking forward to this exceptional edition. You can now pre-order in the store.

40 countries and counting

With Open.Theremins shipped to more than 40 countries, including Macedonia, Israel, South Corea and Mexico I am happy to announce that a new batch of golden circuit boards is produced and tested. We moved up from M10 to M20 production line and now produce with a precision of 5 micrometers. Boards now available again in the Small Batch Store. See the video here:


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