Antenna Kit

Due to popular demand we developed and produced an antenna kit for the Open Theremin. Made from golden anodized aluminum the antennas fit well with the theremin design. A simple plug connection make the antennas small and portable just as the OpenTheremin itself. Get it now in the shop. Free shipping!

New webshop, theremin purple

The OpenTheremin project has a new webshop. You can now shop conveniently in a real webshop with shopping cart and all features. To celebrate this I am launching a limited edition of OpenTheremin Purple. So plenty of good reasons to get an Open.Theremin now and try out the new webshop here.

«DIY Open.Theremin» Workshop in Bern

For young people from the age of 15 and adults a DIY Open.Theremin Workshop will take place on Saturday September 8th in Bern Switzerland. The workshop is run by the best mentor team possible: Coralie Ehinger and Felix Bänteli (Labor Luzern) will build the theremins with you. And Dorit Chrysler will give everyone an introduction into playing the instrument.

New Featured Builds

I got many new pictures of Open Theremins you built... Roys sent me the Open Theremin Book and László Mánfai from Hungary sent me pictures of his wonderful wooden theremin. I also updated the Open.Theremin website with a new server and new layout. Have fun, see here.