40 countries and counting

With Open.Theremins shipped to more than 40 countries, including Macedonia, Israel, South Corea and Mexico I am happy to announce that a new batch of golden circuit boards is produced and tested. We moved up from M10 to M20 production line and now produce with a precision of 5 micrometers. Boards now available again in the Small Batch Store. See the video here:

New Tool and Software

I am very happy to share with you new software for the open theremin. David Harvey, technologist, software expert and music enthusiast developed a command line tool to generate various sounds based on harmonic synthesis as well as on Thierries etherwave formulas. You can pre-listen the sound on your computer, generate ASCII or PNG plots and once you like it export the data for open theremin wave tables. If you know what "npm install -g wavyd" means, you should definitely try this out. And not only this, David also heavily reworked and cleaned up the open.theremin source code and integrated the standard and extended versions of the software. For now this is the first fork of the original software and the chances are good that it will be integrated soon. Thank you David.

GitHub for wavyd
GitHub with the new Open.Theremin code



Online-Tool to generate Wave Tables

We are working on software right now. So here is an other tool for generating wave tables online. You can draw wave forms on your screen or have them generated by a built in function. Just copy and upload the wave table to your theremin and you are playing your own sound. Have fun. - Wave-Generator-

Today is Arduino Day

We are joining the Arduino Day 2015 with a demonstration of the Open.Theremin in Switzerland. Here.

Arduino script to generate wave tables

Thierry Frenkel, musician, “electronic luthier” and reputable expert for theremin instruments developed a clever script to generate wave tables for the open.theremin. The script can be run on the arduino and calculates the sound based on a mathematical model. Thank you Thierry for this great contribution. Get the code and a detailed description here.