New thread on Theremin World

Happy to see a new thread discussing the Open.Theremin on Theremin World with new ideas and some very positive feedback. I like the idea of a tool to generate wave forms. Maybe an online tool to draw / load in audio samples or generate wave tables for the open theremin. Has anyone in the community developed such a thing or knows how to do it. I would be happy to help and publish it on the website.


Workshop at House of Electronic Arts

We built 16 open.theremin.rc at an amazing workshop in the HeK (House of electronic Arts Basel). Hek is the national competence centre that deals with art forms that address and reflect upon new media and technologies. All theremins worked and we had great fun.

Open Factory

The first batch of Open.Theremin V2.0 sold out so quickly to all those waiting for a theremin that I did not even got to post it here. And I am happy that the new extension kit seems to be quite popular too. The website is updated with the newest design, software and instructions. So what's next? I now really want to make sure to have stable supply. For this I have been working on the concept of an Open Factory with friends and found a place where I can produce the next batch DIY on a professional machine. I am working on setting up the machine and getting all the materials ready. I hope to start manufacturing January 2015.

Open Factory Theremins

A wonderful batch of 130 golden Open.Theremin.UNO are ready to ship. They were produced on professional machines in an open factory environment. And still all DIY. Check out the video below. I had a great time programming the machines and learning how to do design for manufacturing. The community is growing and the store is open again.

Video of Open Factory Production

Open.Theremin.UNO V2.0

Taking the best from the existing design and the Open.Theremin.Y prototype I designed the new Open.Theremin.UNO V2.0. It features the new all digital mixer, combined 12 bit audio and CV out, audio jack on the bottom for more compact design, two completely separate antenna circuits and two new knobs. And yes, the new boards that were ordered today will be yellow :-). If everything goes well we should have first boards available by mid of November. I have collected all your requests on a mailing list and you will be informed in due time. (To get on that list, just drop me a short message.)