Working on a new Design

With all the feedback I got on the Open.Theremin and with 1000 kits sold I am working on a new version of the open source theremin. The new version should include great features such as fully automatic calibration, new design, 4 potentiometer, manual adjustments like on a real theremin and refined oscillators. I also ported the design to KiCAD the open source layout software. Stay tuned for more details. If you want to be informed when the first batch of the new theremins are ready, please use this form.

Open Data

With the last batch of theremins sold out we reached 1000 theremins. That is amazing and I want to take the opportunity to look back and think about where to go next. So I made a new page with some historical data and maps that I want to share with you. See here.

Community Contributions

This project is developing so well also thanks to your numerous smaller contributions. Philipp Kohl from Berlin Germany just sent me a corrected version of the German instruction. Patrick Coulombe from Montreal, Canada added DigiKey order numbers to the bill of materials for those who want to make their own boards. And Vector from Chengdu, China translated the instruction sheet for the Open.Theremin.RC into Chinese language and also sent me this nice picture of a spooky theremin. Thank you all, you are great.





Open Theremin with VarioCaps

To my surprise I got a theremin shield in my mail that looks just like the ones I know, just slightly different. Uwe Kutschki from Thüringen redesigned an Open.Theremin.UNO with variable capacitance diode to facilitate the initial tuning. A digital to analogue converter controlled by the arduino replaces the manual tuning. As this would be a great addition I am definitely looking into his prototype and will try to implement this in a future update. More on it in the Tweaks section.