Open.Theremin V3 now available

The new Open.Theremin Version 3 is here. The redesign of the popular theremin has a great auto-tuning and a mute function. A kit with the fully tested theremin shield is now available in the small batch store. Just add an arduino and a pair of antennas to it and you have a fully playable theremin instrument. And see here for the amazing intro video that Coralie Ehinger made.

Open.Theremin.V3 Production

With some last modifications the final prototypes of the new Open.Theremin.V3 are working great. I started placing orders for the production now. If all goes well the first theremins should ship end of this month. I got many requests for the new version and I am really looking forward to get it out to you all.

Theremin and the Music of Spheres

Andrei Demidenko, composer from Moscow, just told to me about the event THEREMIN AND THE MUSIC OF SPHERES. MUSICAL AND HISTORICAL EVENING, DEDICATED TO 120TH ANIVERSARY SINCE LEV THEREMIN BIRTH that happened in Moscow, Museum of GULAG's history on the 28th of August.  Lydia Kavina, Olesya Rostovskaya and Sergei Zaslavsky played on the theremin vox. Andrei presented a new documentary by Sergei Zorin a close friend of Lev Sergeevich Termen. Thanks for sharing this with us, Andrei. More here:


Update on new Open.Theremin.V3

We are making good progress on the new version of the Open.Theremin. I made lot's of tests to improve performance of the resonators and finalized the PCB layout. Niklas Roy, great designer from Berlin, completely reworked the design and gave a lot of valuable inputs. Now we ordered the second round of prototype boards. For a preview of the new designs, have look here. If you want to be informed when the first batch of the new theremins are ready, you can uses this form.

Protoype of new Open.Theremin

Thank you for all your interest in the Open.Theremin. I got many requests for the new version already and I am working on finishing the new design. For those of you who like to have a first look I uploaded some screen-shots and prototype files here. Also you can still suggest improvements. I hope to have first boards available by October if all goes well. If you want to be informed when the first batch of the new theremins are ready, you can still uses this form.