Current Projects based on the OpenDrop Development Platform

PORTABLE LAB – Sample preparation of analytical or biological tests are difficult and time consuming. This process can be improved by automating the sample preparation and combining it with advanced sensor technology to create a single, easy to use device. To shrink it down so that the portable devices can be used for Point of Care device, engineers at Colorado State University imagine to use a design similar to  the OpenDrop device with it’s efficient and compact layout.

PRINTERIA – The project intends to design a fully-equipped bioengineering device to print bacteria. Once finished it will be capable of modifying bacteria to obtain tangible phenotypes, but made as easy to operate as a home printer. In short, a whole cloning process contained in a single device. Little droplets of genetic material are transported by electrowetting into the reaction chamber, through electroporators and temperature cycling zones. First prototypes with PCB based digital microfluidics were developed based on open source OpenDrop resources.

MICROSYSTEMS, a technology-oriented enterprise based in South Korea is carrying out research on Drop Free Glass (DFG) using the OpenDrop microfluidic platform. Drop Free Glass can quickly and efficiently remove contamination such as rainwater, fogging, frost and dust on its surface using electrowetting technology. Hence, it can be applied to any type of glass application.