Virtual Channel Microfluidics

Virtual microfluidics channels can be digitally defined and changed using electrowetting effect (EWOD). Shown on OpenDrop how to fill digitally defined channels using a micropipette or by a piston pump. The formation of the programmable microchannels and their geometries are defined through a computer control software. Flow channels can be dynamically linked or single droplets separated from a flow of liquid.

Video showing Virtual Microfluidics Channels on OpenDrop. All recordings in real time using “digital liquid”.

For this tests special cartridges with drilled top cover glass and four tube adapters were made.

OpenDrop V4 Cartridge with Tube Adapters
OpenDrop V4 Cartridge with Screw Adapters

Programmable Electrowetting Channels were earlier proposed in the following papers:

Reconfigurable virtual electrowetting channels

Virtual electrowetting channels: electronic liquid transport with continuous
channel functionality