Thérémine PC Software

While the Open.Theremin.UNO has it's own sound generator and can be played as stand alone instrument the Thérémine software allows you to connect your theremin to a computer via USB and largely extend the functionality.


The Thérémine software was developed by Vincent Feuvrier and all credits go to him.

The software is open source and licensed under a GNU General Public License. See here.



The Thérémine audio program reads realtime pitch and volume data from the Open.Theremin.UNO (or any other USB Arduino Theremin), and generates high quality audio signal emulating a realistic instrument.
To use the software with the Open.Theremin.UNO you need to install new code to the arduino that comes with the software.



The software adds the following options to the Open.Theremin.UNO:

  • Computer generated high quality audio with different sound engine
  • Normal and inverse pitch and volume characteristics
  • Linearity correction
  • Half-tone scale
  • Selectable range
  • Visual feedback
  • Software and hardware calibration
  • Microsoft wave audio output support (Windows only);
  • OpenAL support;
  • ASIO audio output support;
  • custom file format (loop bank .lbk) to manage audio sample banks for internal synthesizer;
  • advanced wave file analyzer to import and simulate other instruments using a recorded wave file.

The software package comes with a "Loop bank manager", whose purpose is to extract stationary, looping samples from recorded wave files. It allows importing new instrumental tones into Thérémine.

Thérémine is written using Lazarus. Linux and Mac support is planned but not yet implemented (and help is welcome for Mac compatibility).


Download the Théremine Software here.

There is a Windows installer and a Portable Windows version.