Learn to play the Theremin

Playing the theremin correctly beyond the stage of mere sound effects requires specific technique and regular practice, as with all musical instruments. To learn how to play the theremin I recomend the book "An Introduction to the Theremin"  writen by French & Swiss duo Jimmy Virani et Coralie Ehinger, with the participation of theremingineer Thierry Frenkel for all technical parts. The self-published book is printed in a sheltered workshop in Switzerland. The book is available in English, in French and in Japanese on theremin.me.


I also highly recommend to take professional lessons if you want to become a good player, Like with any other music instrument a good teacher can assist you in learning the right technique. See here for more information:




From the Japanese version:


発明者の言葉とは裏 腹に、テルミンを正しく演奏し、効果音レベルから脱する事は簡単ではありません。しかし、どんな楽器もそうであるように、弾きこなすには、楽器特有の演奏 技能と定期的な練習が不可欠です。この本はテルミンをわかりやすく解説し、基礎から始めるあなたに役立つアドバイスをたくさん紹介しています。