Special thanks to the following people who have made important contributions to the OpenTheremin project and the community.

Peter van der Beek
As a young and uprising designer Peter van der Beek, Design Academy Eindhoven, decisively shaped the fourth version of OpenTheremin with courageous decisions. In the good tradition of Danish Design Peter relies on pure form-giving design, knowledge of materials and attention to details.

Niklas Roy
Niklas Roy, Berlin, extraordinary designer and engineer working in the field of interactive art, science and technology. Niklas has contributed the design for the very successful version 3 of the OpenTheremin. Its iconic design language has inspired thousands of DIY enthusiasts to build their own creations with the OpenTheremin circuit.

Coralie Ehinger
Coralie Ehinger, thereminista from Lausanne, Switzerland, bridging the classical world of theremin with the vibrant synthesizers community, organizer of numerous conferences and events. As an advocate and test player for the OpenTheremin here advise has tremendously improved the development of the instrument over the years. Here creative videos have over 25'000 views on the OpenTheremin website.

Thierry Frenkel
Thierry Frenkel, musician, “electronic luthier” and reputable expert for theremin instruments developed sophisticated code and scripts to improve the performance of the OpenTheremin and to generate wave tables for the instrument. As a co-founder of the Theremin Academy he is organizing events to allow Theremin players to meet, to exchange, and to have lessons and other musical activities together.

David Harvey, technologist, software expert and music enthusiast revised the software code of the OpenTheremin and developed a command line tool to generate various sounds based on harmonic synthesis.

Michael Margolis
, author of the Arduino Cookbook, has completely revised and tidied up the embedded code of the OpenTheremin.

Uwe Kutschki
from Thüringen redesigned an Open.Theremin.UNO with variable capacitance diode to facilitate the initial tuning.

Vincent Dhamelincourt, an experienced electronics and firmware engineer from Lunel, France has written the code and instructions for the MIDI implementation.

Yasushi Yoshida, musician, theremin player and inventor from Osaka, Japan is working on a Teensy 3.5. extension for the OpenTheremin and provided important hints for improvements from the very early stage of the project.

Dorit Chrysler, renowned Austrian born composer, thereminista and sound artist for holding a series of OpenTheremin workshops in the New York Theremin Society together with professor and theremin expert Charles Hobbs.

Agnes Evseev for bringing the OpenTheremin to Santiago, Chile as part of the international theremin festival Electromagnetica.

Felix Bänteli, Labor Luzern for numerous creative workshops showing people how to assemble the OpenTheremin and enjoying the moment of making music together with self built instruments.

Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SGMK) for introducing me to the world of theremins and for providing a home for electronic art and music community over so many years.

Theremin World - a global community for theremin enthusiasts with several threads and discussions on the OpenTheremin

The OpenTheremin Facebook Group

The OpenTheremin Instagram Group

Andrei Smirnov, interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, collector, for being a pioneer in creative interpretation of Lev Theremins heritage and his efforts of understanding and conserving the history of the Theremin instrument and the Generation Z.

Andrei Demidenko, Peter Theremin, Lydia Kavina and the whole Theremin family for supporting the idea of open source and open community of the OpenTheremin.