Digital Biology Community Gathering

In June we had a nice gathering of the Digital Biology Community in Luceren, Switzerland. We were working on a Bio-Server with an array of 18 OpenDrops, talked about localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), watched the Ferrobot, tried to control “chasing droplets” with electro-wetting and many more things. Part of the program was also a hike to the local mountain, a day in the FabLab and a public lab in a gallery where we had some talks and demonstrations. We finally made a nice working prototype of an OpenDrop with a Hamamatsu Micro-Spectrometer Chip connected to an electrode via optical fiber.

Public lab in the Gallery K25, Lucerne

OpenDrop with a Hamamatsu Micro-Spectrometer Chip.

We later learned that the “increasing community” was thought about in the concluding session of Electrowetting conference that took place at the same time in Enschede, Netherlands.