Open.Theremin V3 - Next Generation Theremin

Open Theremin is an open source hardware and software project with a great community of musicians and people interested in the world of electronic music instruments . The aim is to build a next generation, digital version of the legendary music instrument. With more than 1000 Open.Theremins in the world the new version 3 was built based on many community ideas and inputs.

The Open.Theremin V3 was built on the experience with the previous versions of good quality and affordable digital theremins such as the Open.Theremin.UNO. The electronic shield was completely redesigned and integrates a lot of new and exciting features. The layout and graphics are designed by the Berlin based inventor and artist Niklas Roy. Four good quality ALPS knobs, a big button and two 5mm square LEDs make a simple and intuitive interface. The black circuit board with golden letters fits well on an Arduino.UNO and makes a most compact theremin instrument (100 mm x 60 mm).

Open.Theremin V3 with with Antennas.


Full auto-calibration was since the beginning of the project the most requested feature and is now fully implemented. Uwe Kutschki, development engineer from Germany, Thüringen made important contributions in implementing it and now it is here. The valuable feedback from Swiss Theremin player Coralie Ehinger helped to make the new Open.Theremin a playable and real theremin. Here the full list of features:

  • Pitch and volume antenna with excellent linearity
  • Full digital auto-tuning (one button press)
  • Pitch and volume can be manually fine tuned during play
  • Sensitivity of the pitch antenna can be changed in 4 registers
  • 8 preprogrammed audio wave forms can be selected
  • Mute function
  • Waveform can be reprogrammed freely (stored in a look-up table)
  • Arduino compatible shield for easy re-programming and mollifications for own uses.
  • Completely open source hardware and software
  • USB powered, no extra power supply required, battery supply possible
  • 12bit digital audio converter
  • Control Voltage (CV) option