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Open.Theremin V3 Kit

The newest Open.Theremin boards are produced in small batches and sold here. The series are produced in high quality in local manufacturing and all boards are 100% tested.

Open.Theremin V3 Kit

The kit provides you with the tested electronic circuit board for the theremin. The kit also includes some mechanical parts to set up the open.theremin. Add an Arduino.UNO and two antennas to it and you get a fully playable theremin. The pins, two LED lights, the potentiometer and a button need to be soldered on the board using a conventional soldering iron.


  • Open.Theremin V3 circuit board, assembled and tested (Arudino shield)
  • 2x antenna plugs for board mounting
  • Acrylic pad to attach camera stand (1/8" UNC)
  • Screws, nuts and washers for mounting the antennas
  • 4 x potentiometers and 1 button
  • 2x 5 mm LED red and yellow
  • Pinheaders

Antennas are NOT included in the kit as they are to bulky to ship.
You can easily make them your self from any conductive tubing. For the kit best use tubing with 4 mm inner diameter.
The open.theremin V3 will automatically adapt to different types of antennas.

Get your Open.Theremin V3 kit now for 74 euro including shipping worldwide.
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