Open.Theremin V3 Housings

The Open.Theremin V3 is designed in a way to be playable and look good without any case. Togheter with Artist and Designer Niklas Roy we created a functional circuit board with the electronic components on the back and a great user interface on the front. Still if you like you can design your own case around the Open.Theremin shield an make it a very special instrument. Below you find some open source case designs that fit the Open.Theremin V3. For more inspiration see also the Featured Builds.


The following case design, made from a combination of 3D printing and laser cutting, was generously contributed by Nikolai Demidenko. Nikolai Demidenko is a professional pianist and maker of big analog modular synth.

The design files can be found on Thingiverse here.

Thank you Nikolai Demidenko for sharing with the community.


Filigree 3D printable Case With Stand

Artist and Maker Kayne Dettmann (@alacrion) shared a beautiful, 3D printable "Filigree Case With Stand/Legs" with us on thingiverse. Thank you Kayne for adding such beautiful ornate design to the OpenTheremin.

Link to the design files:


LaserCut Open Theremin V3 Housing

Pablo from Spain made this nice laser cut housing and shared it with us on thingiverse, here.

3D printing Knobs and Frontpanel

Maker and Engineer Penguinmd from Kanada designed a 3D printable front panel and knobs for the OpenTheremin. The files are published under a Creative Commons - Attribution license on Thingiverse here:

Open Theremin v3 Top Panel Annotated

Knobs for Open Theremin controller

Thank you for this useful contribution, Penguinmd.