Driver Protection

OpenDrop is a development platform for digital microfluidics. It is intended for new developments and research experiments. We all know that during experimentation things can go wrong. We planed for it and added extra protection to the OpenDrop version 4.2 driver board.

  • All 128 high voltage channels have their separate current limitation resistor. This protects the push-pull transistors of the HV507 driver chip against shorts and overload.

Also the main board is protected with:

  • Optical isolation of high voltage part
  • Optical isolation of all data lines connecting the driver to the controller
  • Ferrite beads prevent electromagnetic interference on the driver lines
  • Over protection diodes on the driver supply voltage

And if still something goes wrong, the driver boards are easily replaceable. Just unscrew the broken board and replace it with a new one. Connection to the main board by 24 pin, 0.5 mm pitch FFC zero insertion force flat cable and connector.

The modular driver board allows for special options such as the magnetic beads and temperature controller or extra sensors, actuators.