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hackteria | open source biological art
Hackteria is a global network connecting people around Open Source Biological Art, DIY Biology, Generic Lab Infrastructure.

Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH)
The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) is a diverse, global community working to enhance the sharing of open, scientific technologies. Digital Biology is one of several GOSH Nodes. The goal of GOSH Nodes is to support the hard work of brainstorming, designing, prototyping, making, evaluating, and calibrating open science hardware and technology. To join and exchange with the community use the Digital Biology Forum.

GaudiLabs are creative spaces for working, thinking and living where culture and technology meet. We conduct open research in open source culture technology. Developing methods, process and devices to unite people and knowledge from different fields and backgrounds.

With BioFlux, Rüdiger Trojok and Mirela Alistar want to advance from automated biology to digital biology.
Independent research group on digital biology

Communtiy Meetings

Pictures from the community meeting at Rural Hub in Italy.