GaudiLabs and Hackteria.org are co-organizing GOSH2016, the Gathering for Open Science Hardware in CERN Geneva. A growing number of people around the world are developing and using Open Science Hardware, and we want to help build a self-organising community to drive change in open science. Four days of inspiring exchange and skill share with PublicLabs, Backyard Brains, OHANDA, openQCM, Experiment.com, Lifepatch.org and many more.


GaudiLabs on HTGAA

GaudiLabs joined the “How to grow (almost) anything” program, directed by George Church, professor of Genetics at Harvard medical school. The pilot class is based on a distributed educational model with FabLabs and Hackerspaces around the world. We try to combine knowledge on bio-engineering and nano-technology with the creative and hand’s on biohacking approach. Topics include DNA Nanostructures, Darwin on steroids, 3D Bioprinting, Engineering the Human Microbiome and many more. Let’s grow it. Here you find our project page.

Rock’n Roll BioTech, Aalto University, Helsinki

Learning about fundamentals of molecular life-sciences, from molecular cell biology to synthetic biology with a pan european biohacker team.  Assemble novel plasmid vector and subsequently transform it back into E. coli. All genetic elements are naturally occurring in E. coli species and will merely be rearranged using synthetic biology technology. No new genes are introduced to the species. The modifications are thus called cis-genetic and are free to use outside of the laboratory in many countries.

Temporary public biolab in Zurich

During a one week public lab session we explore different forms of glow in the dark and the natural appearance of bioluminescence. The collaboration was initiated by the artist duo Heidy Baggenstos und Andreas Rudolf together with hackteria.org. GaudiLabs was mentioned in this context in an article in Neue Zürcher Zeitung and focused mainly on the research of gimmickry around the topic of luminescence sometimes used in bioart projects.

Mobile Lab Hackaton

For one week we will collaborate on ideas of Mobile Labs, Lab-in-a-Box, Environmental monitoring for off-grip field trips, artistic projects and transportability of living systems.

BioTehna Lab,
Field Trip to Maribor and Vitanje,
Kapelica Gallery