New webshop, theremin purple and discount

The OpenTheremin project has a new webshop. You can now shop conveniently in a real webshop with shopping cart and all features. To celebrate this I am launching a limited edition of OpenTheremin Purple and give a discount on the black theremin. So plenty of good reasons to get an Open.Theremin now and try out the new webshop here.

New Featured Builds

I got many new pictures of Open Theremins you built... Roys sent me the Open Theremin Book and László Mánfai from Hungary sent me pictures of his wonderful wooden theremin. I also updated the Open.Theremin website with a new server and new layout. Have fun, see here.

White Christmas Special Edition

The holiday season is the perfect time to build something beautiful. To celebrate the winter month I produced this White Christmas Special Edition 2017 of the Open.Theremin V3 for you. The logos and printings in true gold turned out so beautiful. Combine it with some nice wood working and you get a fully playable theremin instrument. Get the kit now in the online store here. Update: Special edition sold out for now.

Theremin Workshop in Moscow

Excited to facilitate a two days session on the topic of 'Personal Body Enhancement and Feedback using the Theremin Principle' at Garage Museum in Moscow. Together with Peter Theremin we will explore the fascinating technology that inspired Russian physicists and musicians in the aera of Lev Theremin. I will be in Moscow till January 8th. Register for the workshop now or just come for a visit.

OpenTheremin V3 now with MIDI

I am very happy to share with you that Open.Theremin V3 now has a MIDI code to control various synthesizers. Vincent Dhamelincourt, an experienced electronics and firmware engineer from Lunel, France has written a very nice code an provided it to all of us. With this extra code the Open.Theremin plays as serial midi, USB HID midi or even through a MIDI DIN connector. It's a lot of fun. See my video here.


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