This ultra portable and compact thermocycler was designed with the goal to bring the cost down to affordable price for anyone who wants to do some Do-It-Your-Self biology with a DNA starter kit in his kitchen. Based on the amazing PicoPCR by Yanwo Guo that demonstrated that a thermocycler can be run from USB power by reducing the number of vials and shrinking down the heat-block, the PocketPCR is designed for efficient manufacturing even at low volume. The design is built on a single circuit board (PCB) with an AVR M0 32bit processor, an OLED display and a rotary encoder to set navigate the menus. All device can be operated stand alone and all parameters can be set without the need of a computer or smartphone.

The heatblock is built from an aluminium PCBs that incorporate the winding for heating and a precision temperature probe. A ventilator mounted directly underneath the heatblock guarantees an efficient cooling.






PocketPCR is open source and the desgin files can be found on GitHub here.

The PocketPCR Kit to build your own PCR machine is available in GaudiShop here.

For more information see PocketPCR website.