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The Complete Blue Box Collection

Blue Box Collection
The complete Blue Box Collection





While doing workshops with the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society I learned that Tupperware and other plastic stuff can make decent houses for electronic devices. When I visited a friend of mine in Berlin I saw these beautiful boxes in here bathroom and I immediately knew this will be the box for my next project. I couldn't wangle them from here but she bought me a new set as a surprise. Danke Hannha.

When I was back in Switzerland I started to build my Granular Step Sequencer into one of the boxes and it looks just great.

Then I continued and one by one I filled all the boxes of different sizes with funny electronic stuff.

The boxes from biggest to smallest:

- Speaker Box
- Step Sequencer
- NanoAmp Scratch Box
- Open.Theremin
- Hall Generator
- Amplified Micronoise


The Blue Box Collection on

Blue Box Collection on Exibithion


The whole set of sound instruments can be connected and played together. Makes lot's of fun.

Here I showed the whole collection at the SGMK DIY*-Night and people were having fun with it.

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