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Granular synthesis sequencer

Granular Sythesis Sequencer
Granular Sythesis Sequencer




Since I am new in sound electronics I never built a sequencer before. When I discovered the ISD4004 sample chip in a bay auction I thought I could try one and build a sequencer from it. I wired it together with a AtMega168 microcontroler on a bread board. I figured out a simple way to read switches and light LEDs with the microcontroller using a shift register. Added some potentiometers to the analogue port and mashed everything together in a C code on the controller. For more details and schematics see below.

It is now possible to record audio by a small microphone and play it back through the sequencer. Speed and shifts can be tuned. In shirt it is just a funny and weird toy to play with. By the way, I only learned later on by Marc Dusseiller that this was actually some kind of granular synthesizer - which makes me specially proud of course :-)


Granular synthesis sequencer - in action

Granular Sythesis Sequencer

Granular Sythesis Sequencer




Looks realy nice with the 16 switches and pink LEDs.


Granular synthesis sequencer - inside

Granular Sythesis Sequencer Inside View
Granular Sythesis Sequencer Inside
Granular Sythesis Sequencer Detail




The inside of the device. Connected the LEDs and switches nicely by a ribbon cable. Sometimes things just go smooth...

Granular Synthesis Sequencer Dokumentation

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Shcematics of Sequencer

Souce Code for AVR ATmega168 Controller:



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