Special Edition White

Spring is here and I enjoy the sun and the beautiful flowers. To celebrate this I made a special edition of the newest Open.Theremin V3 in white and gold. The PCBs turned out amazing and the white theremin looks just beatiful. Now available in limited number in the small batch store.

Limited Edition Open Theremin V3 White.

The white and the black Open.Theremin V3.

The white Open.Theremin features:

  • Full digital auto-tuning (one button press)
  • Pitch and volume antenna with excellent linearity
  • Pitch and volume can be manually fine tuned during play
  • Sensitivity of the pitch antenna can be changed in 4 registers
  • 8 preprogrammed audio wave forms can be selected
  • Mute function
  • Waveform can be reprogrammed freely (stored in a look-up table)
  • Arduino compatible shield for easy re-programming and mollifications for own uses.
  • Completely open source hardware and software
  • USB powered, no extra power supply required, battery supply possible
  • 12bit digital audio converter
  • New Control Voltage (CV) option

Black and white theremin share the same functionality.

The white and gold PCBs with black silk printing, assembled and tested. Laser sharp and super precise.
Limited Edition, get it now.