CV and MIDI Instructions


You can use usb for midi by Hairless-Midi (

You find all MIDI-neccessary code by searching _MIDI in the sketch
1. Move or copy directory MIDI to sketchbook/libraries (
2. Set Variable _MIDI = 1
3. Start Hairless-Midi (Now a Midi-Port is available in your DAW)
4. Enjoy

Note: Set Portamento on your Midi-Synthesizer or DAW-Plugin to get a Glide
Volume-Antenna is setting Velocity and Pitch Antenna is setting Tone



You find all CV-neccessary code by searching _CV in the sketch

1. Place the Jumper on the Shield
2. Set Variable _CV = 1
3. Enjoy

NOTE: CV is VOLT/OCTAVE (synthesizers like moog, korg, etc) with a range from 0 to +5V and it runs perfect with my minimoog.
if your synthesizer need HERTZ/VOLT (many synthesizers like yamaha, etc) you have to add or substract some value to the volt result to get the hertz-value you need.
you can find a hertz/volt table under (
i dont have gear that needs HERTZ/VOLT, so i cant test...
the theremin will not send a gate signal, so you have to press or tape a key on your synthesizer.


Instructions and Implementation by Daniel Selbersuess, 2015-08-27