Open.Theremin.UNO - The real Theremin on Arduino

Open.Theremin.UNO, was the first and very popular theremin shield for Arduino. With lot's of valuable feedback and new ideas from the community the product was developed further. See here for the new Open.Thermin V3.

The more than two years of experience in building good quality and affordable digital theremins lead to this new, improved and simplified design. It features the new all digital mixer, combined 12 bit audio and CV out, audio jack on the bottom for more compact design, two completely separate antenna circuits and two new knobs (optional). Many ideas and valuable inputs from contributors were integrated into the open.theremin.UNO.


Open.Theremin.UNO shield with Antennas attached.


  • Pitch and volume antenna with excellent linearity and digital tuning
  • Arduino compatible shield for easy programming
  • 12bit digital to analog converter generates audio out signal
  • Waveform can be reprogrammed freely (stored in a look-up table)
  • Audio plug can be reprogrammed to provide Control Voltage (CV)
  • Connector for audio or control voltage on board
  • USB powered, no extra power supply required
  • Can be powered by battery
  • Low profile SMD design for simple shipment
  • Pads to screw or solder on antennas or antenna cable
  • One button interface
  • Distance of hand to antenna is converted to a digital value that can be used for other applications than theremins
  • Pads to connect analog potentiometer (or digital encoder)
  • Pads to connect grounding directly to board



Documentation of the Open.Theremin.UNO

Connections to the Board

Open.Theremin.UNO Schematic

Open.Theremin.UNO Software

Open.Theremin.UNO Software Extensions

Thérémine PC Software

Open.Theremin.UNO PCB

Instructions UNO

Open.Theremin.UNO Housing

Open.Theremin Tweaks 

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Older Versions:

- The files for Version 1.2 can be found here: SchematicV1_2, BomV1_2, AnleitungV1_2, BoardLayoutV1_2, SchemaLayoutV1_2

- The files for Version 1.1 can be found here: Layout File - OpenThereminUNOV4.brd  / Layout File - OpenThereminUNOV4.sch / OpenThereminUNO_BOM.pdf