Open.Theremin Wood Base

A real theremin needs a nice wood housing. The theremin just seems to sound better when it is carefully placed in a hand crafted enclosement. So here it is the Open.Theremin.Woodbase.

Open.Thermin Wood Base

To be sure it is made from good material I went out and bought half a tree directly from the wood carpenter.

Then the wood needs to be planed into form. I did this in a friends workshop.

Cut into pieces and ready for finishing.

The housing should be made from only two pieces of wood. One piece carved to hold the electronic components.

So I went up to the new FabLab in Lucern. The fab manager helped me with the new wood caving machine.

Nice... computer assisted wood carving.

The final result.

With the electronic boards screwed to the wood base. To hold the top cover I put 8 super magnets into the corners. And for the connections I tested the new Open.Theremin.IO circuit board...

The final result. Looks like a real Theremin - it is really small and cute - and it sounds better ;-)