Call for Participation

Call for Participation





Conditions of Entry


OPEN.THEREMIN is an open source hardware and software project.
The aim is to build a next generation, digital version of the legendary music instrument
developed in 1928 by the Russian inventor professor Leon Theremin. The project involves
electronics, mechanics and software development. The whole project is documented under a
creative commons license on


The call for participation
The theremin sensors and the AVR based micro controller boards are ready. A first C code
demonstrates the classic theremin function generating a sinus sound with pitch and
volume control. Now there are so many more possibilities with the platform. This call goes
to all creative and capable people motivated to contribute their part to the project.
Write new code to give life to the hardware. This may be in the category of new sound
generators, improved playing experience or any other use of the OPEN.THEREMIN system.


What do we provide
If your proposal gets selected for valorization (one by one decision) you get the
opportunity to buy the complete set (2 x Open.Theremin.LC sensor + 1 x Open.Theremin.UP
micro controller board) at material costs only (55 euro). Once you submit the completed code
you get an extra free laser cut theremin base plate with a personal appraisal of your


Conditions of Entry
Once you buy the OPEN.THEREMIN set at preferential price as mentioned above, you are
obliged to submit the result of the proposed project to the best of your knowledge.
You also agree to respect the creative commons license of the project and to
share your contributions under the same conditions.


How to participate
Fill in the entry form and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submissions are accepted until december 2011.


A project by Urs Gaudenz aka gaudi -


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