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SMD Reflow Process
Step by Step

Put PCB in Frame

Build a screen printing frame by taping some plain PCB pieces on a fat table

Put Solder Paste

Align the screen printing stencil on the PCB and fix with a tap. Then put some solder paste on top of the stencil.


Screen Printing

With a scraper press the solder paste through the holes


Remove Stencil

Carefully remove the stencil

Solder Paste on PCB

This is how the PCB with the solder paste on the pads looks like


Manual Pick and Place

Now pick the SMD parts and place them on the pads. Be carefull not to smudge the solder paste,


PCB with Parts

This is how the PCB with the parts assembled will look like.


Put PCB with Parts in Oven

Put the PCB in the cold pizza oven


Electronic Oven Controller

We used a DIY tempreature contoler (based on a Arduino with a solid state relais) to control the reflow profile.


PCBs in the Oven

Multiple PCBs cooking - nice


Finised Reflow Print

Et voila - the finished Open-Theremin Print





Here a step by step photo story on diy reflow soldering. The pictures were taken by Thomas during our Open.Theremin reflow workshop on the occasion of diy*night 2009.

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